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when we’re not playing skyrim we’re playing viva pinata

been wanting a werewoof character since watching my friend play skyrim 

bday gift~

favio (c.) felilicious-vargas@dA

i moved on to round 2 of cotg oct, so i figured i’d post some concept art sketches and whatnot c: before i start doing the storyboards i always do a brief “character design”-ish thing, and basically just figure out how i want to draw the characters that don’t belong to me/i haven’t designed yet.

for my current opponents kimmy and vinny, since their species is unknown, i played around with a sort of raptor/dog anatomy for them. greyhounds specifically for the dog part, since on the ref it says k&v have long legs and such…

oscar was fun, but i couldn’t find all the drawings i did for him since a lot of round 1’s planning was done during the school year :’I i did find a bunch of the original storyboards for round 1 though, before i scrapped it and redid the storyboards because the original round 1 plot was pretty boring/unnecessarily long and repetitive… of the six thumbnail “pages” i scanned in here, there was originally going to be around 40 pages in round 1…in the second storyboard it got cut down to about 25 i think skdjfhg

i’m excited for this round, it has a pretty fun prompt. i’m still working on the storyboards for it so i’m not sure how long it’ll be, but i’m thinking it’ll probably be longer than round 1

kimmy & vinny (c.) astidtjejen; oscar (c.) jackalsshadow


bowie (the shep) is our new puppy, meadow (american bulldog) we’ve had for a year or two now but i don’t think i’ve really mentioned her before


finished my round 1 entry for cotg yesterday. quite nervous, but glad to have it finished! now i can focus on my LaF entry for the time being.

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gesture drawings and stuff. one of my ~art goals~ for the summer is to draw from life more…to help me get better at humans and backgrounds etc…so ive been trying to just draw random stuff when i go places!

the stuff in the green is from posemaniacs.com, the stuff in black is from when i went to the pool sunday, and also my pets.. and the stuff in the blue is from a free 4th of july concert we went to today.

i always feel really creepy when i draw people in public skfhjdkf thats why its mostly just peoples backs..also there was a great dane, i love great danes :’D

also i might start reblogging things on this blog sometimes? bc its pretty boring as is, heh

design concept~ he/she is a tar-dog, a species by odjit-banafrit@dA. not sure what to name it yet. it’s breed is based off of a komondor, those crazy mop dogs :D